Little Simz – “Point And Kill” Ft. Obongjayar

London artist Little Simz recently released her introspective album, “Sometimes I Might Be Introvert.”

The aptly named album boasts just a single feature — Nigeria-born, London-based singer Obongjayar on the single, “Point And Kill.”

“Family no go suffer, oh, inna my lifetime/ Dey be fine, do am proper, no lie, lie/ Give me strength, let me prosper/ Daddy say he want me to be lawyer, be doctor,” she sings.

In the video, Simz visits her parents’ home country of Nigeria. Simz and Obongjayar are a force as they hit the road — whatever they are after, they cannot and will not be stopped. The harsh title and Obongjayar’s machete wilding antics are softened by the presence of the Nigerian aunties and the overall “back home” feel of the cinematic visuals.

But the video ends with a twist — which we maybe should have seen coming.

Simz explained the origin of the title to Apple News.

“Point and Kill” was a saying in Nigeria. And they usually say it if you want to catch fish, it will be like, yeah, point and kill kind of thing or whatnot. But also in a metaphorical sense like, whatever I want, if I’m a go-getter or if I see it, I want it. And that’s what I thought has always been me. You know what I’m saying? I’ve always had my eye on a prize, and I’ve gone to get it. So it just was a perfect marriage.”

Simz says the experience was her “tapping into her roots.”

“I’d always wanted to go back to Nigeria, even to just do family or to do work. So on this trip, I had the opportunity to do both, which was amazing. I had my family pull up to the video shoot. Seeing my mum’s side and her cousins, and cousins I’d never met, and it was just really like it was a proper homecoming.

Fans may already be aware of Obongjayar’s previous collaborations with Detroit rapper Danny Brown, Afrobeats producer, Sarz and and “Everything Is Recorded” by Richard Russell.