Wantigga - Explosive Lady - Zebra Horn /// The Dee Jay Domain

Dutch beatsmith Wantigga released his new remix, "Explosive Lady," a dope reworking of neo-soul star, Erykah Badu's "Bag Lady." In just over a month of uploading, the track has amassed over 22k plays on Soundcloud alone.

The tune starts off very familiarly until Wantigga makes the switch and the track transforms from a soulful 90s cut to a smooth listening drop, with an almost tropical aura as Badu's hypnotic vocals sweep over you.

He is renowned for flipping R&B classics, and his music has found a home at French label, Roche Musique. Speaking to Thump, he breaks down his decision to sign with the label.

"I have always had an affinity with the French sound, the music there has a kind of natural funk. When I really started to focus on producing, I ended up in a huge French SoundCloud search. Then you will soon reach people like Darius and LeMarquis. They are very innovative, they make funky house with a hip-hop attitude. And that always comes back to me, whatever I make. I met the label boss once at a party in Amsterdam and actually clicked immediately. We have a very friendly relationship. Roche Musique serves a niche. That may sound bad and small-scale, but that niche is in every capital of every country. That way you can get anywhere."

Press play!

"Hi, here's an edit to start 2018 with. I've played this one out at parties all over, and now you can download it for free. Enjoy & share the nachos!" - Wantigga