Shoffy - "Pushin"

Shoffy looks for a reason to stay on "Pushin"


Energetic yet subdued synthetic production is a shining point in Shoffy’s “Pushin.” The Los Angeles producer / songwriter creates memorable melodies as he sings about looking for a reason to stay in love.

Shoffy explains, “I’m excited to share this one because I feel like there is a strong emotion, vibe, and message that will resonate with people. The bulk of ‘pushin’ came together in a couple days, and was a pretty fluid process. The production was mostly built out in an hour or so, and then was able to stretch that out for a full track. Especially happy how the synth sounds mesh together, and interact with the vocal melodies.”

“Also, I think there is something interesting in the juxtaposition of the upbeat in-your-face rhythm with the darker, somber lyrics.”

Stream below.