SAIYON – “Recovery”

Melbourne artist SAIYON has released the visuals for “Recovery,” the title track from her upcoming EP.

“Recovery” follows the singer-songwriter’s tracks “Kerosene” and “Getting High” and journals the singer’s journey to mend her broken heart.

“This song is about the battle in your head for self-identity. After everything life has to throw at you, you’ve picked up the pieces and are puzzling together both the good and the bad, trying to figure out who you are,” she explained to Australia’s

“This song is about a few different events in my life but mostly the relationship with myself and the process of recovering self-identity, self-love and self-acceptance.”

For those currently nursing a broken heart, SAIYON’s melancholy vocals “Recovery” will have you reaching for the Kleenex. It’s broody in an almost haunting kind of way.

SAIYON cites her biggest influences as Nao, Kelela and KAYTRANADA.

In the new video, the singer is surrounded by LCD screens in the video while simultaneously recording herself with a handheld camera.

Directing duo, Hiball (Alexandra Kirwood and Stanton Cornish-Ward) explained the direction for the video.

“We wanted to explore this idea of self-image and voyeurism in contemporary society,” the duo told Clipped.TV. “Instead of using the classic CRT monitors or older more 80s style TVs, we opted for secondhand 00/10’s era flat screens. We felt this was an opportunity to add a sense of newness by using recently out of date tech in a fresh way, rather than falling into the tropes of screens in MVs of recent years.”