Summer Walker Ft. SZA- “No Love”

Summer Walker is quite literally riding the high fresh off the release of her sophomore studio album Still Over It — a 20-song, hour-long project — released earlier this November.

Her newest hit,”No Love,” sends a clear and familiar message reminiscent of her break-out 2019 hit “Girls Need Love”: Let’s not complicate things, no feelings.

All lust.

In Walker’s newest effort, produced by Grammy-award-winning producer ForTheNight and sound-designer Sonni, she wrestles with the urge of wanting a familiar partner that she knows is not good for her — but, we always want what we can’t or shouldn’t have.

Her opening lines:

“If I had you back, I wouldn’t have did all that// I would’ve played it just how you wanted to play it, You didn’t yet see my worth so you tried to play me// But I was so in love, that I just got a little bit too complicated.”

Nearly a part two to her feature in Doja Cat’s Kiss Me More, SZA joins Walker to reiterate the fact that even thinking of her man in a romantic sense is infuriating!

“If I did it all again, I would give like 10 percent, you deserve like half of that// ‘Imma need my money back// I’m riding through your hood, you pissed me off again/ Finna’ let new N—gas come find me, got me trippin like I don’t got that designer p—sy.”

Talk your sh-t, queen.

A near-four-minute run time, the light, euphoric and spacey production in this one keeps the attention. The pitched 808s are blended well with light claps that complete the song well.