Mack Keane & ESTA

Mack Keane & ESTA. “Open Up” in LA for Complex Music Visual

“Time is always moving forwards// So why we moving backwards?”

Relax and take it slow. Let’s put down the distractions, get in the car and cruise through the city and glance out at the skyline and vibrant nightlife surrounding you.

Mack Keane & ESTA.’s latest single “Open Up,” released earlier this November, brings the listener on for a leisurely, psychedelic stroll, tempting you to “stay a little longer// stay till I’m numb// stay for the one time, baby, for the ONE.”

And talk about a visual that’s just as smoove and suave as the audio!

Shot by Amsterdam’s contemporary creative photographer and director Yaves Anthonio and premiered by CompleMusic, ESTA. arrives late at Mack’s crib in a 90s-style jet-black Lexus-LS400 and the two embark on a soulful journey around Los Angeles.

ESTA. was definitely in his bag the day these two hit the studio. The highlight of this one is its production and sonic vision. The deep, rich bass keeps the listener entranced for the four-minute duration while allowing them to be awed by Keane’s hypnotic vocal performance.

Let’s kill three birds with one stone here.

With this song, you can take a smoke break or sip it slow, release some of those demons responsibly or even put it on in the background and get some work done.

Give Keane & ESTA.’s new vibe “Open Up” a listen, out now on all platforms!