Andrew Luce & Alexander Lewis - "Take Me" ft. Jojee

Andrew Luce & Alexander Lewis - Take Me ft. Jojee

Andrew Luce joins forces with Alexander Lewis and Jojee for the vibrant “Take Me.”

Via Andrew Luce’s Instagram: “i started working on this little ballad a year ago, somewhere in the middle of falling in love with everyone i met. “TAKE ME” (in bio) is meant to mimic the hysterics of disconnecting from others, taking yourself back and realizing that you don’t need other people to bring you happiness. thank you to alex and jojee for bringing this to life with me. i hope you like it!”

He adds, “Alexander Lewis and I have been working together for a long time and had like 10 songs, but none of them really hit us,”says Luce of the release. “About a year ago, I got really into old ballads and their choir progression, and brought that inspiration to ‘Take Me’. Once we added Jojee, it was the perfect match.”

Stream the Fool’s Gold Records release below.