Sofasound – “Do You.” (Intro)

Port St. Lucie producer, Sofasound, drops an intro worthy track titled “Do You.” Highlighted by warping synths, a consistent bass line, and highly produced vocals, this song is a mesh of complementing pieces.

Via SoundCloud:

Do you. Do You?

(intro to my album “Do You.” hope you enjoy!)

Hey everyone! thank you for all of the really awesome support! figured I would fill you in on what’s going on in my life! Im working on an album and it’s almost finished! (my best work by far!) I recently hit 1 million soundcloud plays total and have gotten my first track over 100k streams on spotify! so excited to be working with some really awesome and talented musicians & platforms coming up here shortly! Here is the intro and title song to my album to hold you over while I work on it! I promise it’s worth the wait!

Stream below.