Om Zho - "I Know"

Om Zho - I Know

Get charged up with Om Zho‘s “I Know.”

Via SoundCloud Om Zho states: ‘The story for “I KNOW” is about a girl who falls for the guy of her dreams only to find out that he is not being honest and breaks up with him thinking she knows the reasons… thus I know I know…

The entire love-affair occurs in a game (MMO RPG/Massive multiplayer online roleplaying game) which puts an epic twist to the entire plot:)

The inspiration really came to me out of the blue when one day I was researching and found some stories about people having romantic affairs in online games. It got me thinking about the capacity and the potential to accept a relationship that is virtually … pixels.

What constitutes a relationship? Does it have to physical? Do you even have to know what the other person look like? All these questions start to storm my brain…’

Stream this Future Bass banger below.