Tiwa Savage – “Somebody’s Son” ft. Brandy

Afrobeats singer Tiwa Savage teams up with r&b royalty Brandy for her sanguine new offering, “Somebody’s Son.”

Produced by Segun Michael Ajayi, Savage and Brandy sing about the hope of finding true love with “somesbody’s son,” after enduring heartbreak after heartbreak.

“Worried? I’m not worried/ No I no look for embrace/ Who wan settle for whatever?/ And live your life forever displaced/ My heart has been through much,” Brandy sings.

Despite the seemingly heavy subject matter, the bouncy afrobeat instrumental carries the track’s optimistic message. After all, there is somebody for everybody… right?

“Somebody son gone love me one day/ Somebody Son gone find me one day, one day…” they harmoniously croon.

While the collaboration is an obvious addition to your summer playlist, the significance of this joint effort runs deep for Savage, who cites Brandy as the catalyst for her musical inspiration.

“As a kid, just listening to ‘I [Wanna] To Be Down,’ every interview I’ve ever had, she’s my favorite, my all-time, my mentor, my everything. And I’ve been trying to work with her for years,” she shared with Apple Music. “It was a dream of mine. And when it happened this time, it’s not even just music, we connected like sisters. She’s someone that I speak to literally every other day. It’s beyond my expectation.”

As one of Africa’s biggest stars, Savage says she takes her title as the “Queen of Afrobeats” very seriously.

“I put pressure on myself to do better than my last [album], but having that title…” she told NME. “It’s sweet that there are fans who think that of me – although there’s not just one queen. There’s a load of kings and queens doing this.”