Soulection Unveils New GARAGEBAND Producer Packs

Soulection was founded in 2011 by music curator and DJ Joe Kay alongside co-founders, motion designer Andre Power and visual artist Guillaume Bonte — although unofficial radio show podcasts predated this.

The music collective and indie label boasts a vast spectrum of genres from electronic sounds, lo-Fi, trap beats, house, trap, r&b soul, and Hip Hop. The collective has been linked to many industry heavyweights, including Sango, GoldLink, Leven Kali, Saba, Snoh Aalegra and Kaytranada.

Joe Kay and Andre Power founded Soulection Radio. Bonte has since walked away from the label.

This month, Soulection drops its new producer packs, they say will contain some “drum kits, some loops, some samples to help you create the sound of tomorrow.”

Producer packs have been created by Esta, Jarreau Vandal and J. Robb and are available now on GarageBand.

And Soulection has always been lauded as the sound of the future. Whether it’s flipping and reworking a classic or stepping all of the way outside of the box and creating a new sound — the label’s work has earned them global reverence.

“We are the voice of the producers, the DJs, the selectors, as well as the artists as well. But, it really was the beats that the instrumentals and the samples, those were a true base,’ says Kay.

“I can’t really explain the Selection sound because it has so many influences and styles behind it. But when you hear the artist and when you hear how much their sound resonates, it’s really just an intuition. It’s like something immediately within the first few seconds, you know? Oh yeah,” says Jay.

Power asserts that Soulection “always strive to put out music that’s timeless.”

He continues, “We wanted to create a home and a place for these artists who were making music in their bedrooms, making music on their phones, laptops without all this crazy equipment. We wanted to create something that was a platform for these artists to be heard around the world.”

Mission accomplished.