Boiler Room's "Crowdsourced" With Oshi - Zebra Horn /// The Dee Jay Domain

The Boiler Room unveils episode 2 of their new series "Crowdsourced." The new segment consists of a monthly interactive jam session hosted by the ever-energetic Wize where their guests construct tracks live on air from beats & samples sent in by viewers.

In the episode, Film Noir's Oshi creates some magic using the fan-submitted samples. The 19-year-old prodigy has had several notable cosigns including Lorde, Goldlink, Mija, and Tokimonsta as well as collaborations with R&B star, Omarion, Snakehips and Skrillex.

In this clip, the London producer is given his instructions via social media as well as answering fan questions.

Speaking last year to Schon, he opened up about his inclination to become a producer.

"I realized when I found an inspector gadget drum and bass remix on Youtube. My mum loves drum and bass, so I naturally gravitated towards that, and when I found it I was like “yup this is what I wanna do.” I thought it would impress my mum."

The result of Oshi's crowdsourced challenge? A soulful hip-hop instrumental, embellished with dainty piano loops that would make Dilla proud. Host Wize delivers a mean freestyle over Oshi's finished product.

The whole concept is dope, but fans went a little easy on him with this. The samples need to reach further outside the box. In other words - this was light work for the musical genius!